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We accept the payment by Credit card and PAYPAL and International Postal Money Order and EuroGiro Japanese yen transfer (only for European coutries).

Credit Card

We accept VISA, MASTER and Amex card through card processing company Zeus and Cardservice International
Zeus and Cardservice International provide you the latest secure payment technologies. The payment for shopping at 'ICHIROYA' will be charged under the name of 'Ichiroya'.

We are sorry but the credit card charge is settled in YEN basis only. The law of the United States is changed, and companies out of the United States can not charge in USD now. The figures shown in various currency in the bracket is approx amount according to the present rate. The amount in yen shown above will be converted to the currency of each country when the charge is settled. The amount may differ accroding to the currency exchange rates at the settlement time and the settlement fee is also added.
This is just as you are traveling in Japan and shop using your credit card. For more information such as rate of each country, please contact your credit card company.

*We are very sorry for the inconvenience but for the first time only, we have to ask you to send us the either of the document:

*the copy of your credit card statement
*the copy of your credit card itself

About the statement, if we could read your name, address and the card number, it is fine. If you are sending us your credit card copy, you can erase the middle 8 digit number for the safety. We will e-mail you direcly about credit card payment after your order is placed.

*After you place the order(s), please wait for the credit card invoice e-mail to charge you the grand total.
PLEASE NOTE: We cann't ship to PO Box. Please give us an actual STREET ADDRESS .We also cann't accept order from freemail address.


We accept the payment through PAYPAL.
After confirm your order by our mail , please send the grand total to
PAYPAL is easy way to send money to abroad. More information-click here.

International Postal Money Order (IPMO)

You can get "International Postal Money Order" at most US post offices.
It will say "International Postal Money Order" on it and will be pink . Don't get the green type regular money order because those cannot be cashed in Japan.
Make sure and keep your receipt. It is important that you keep the receipt.
Canadian International postal money order advice system - YEN transfer only. This is NOT the international postal money order that you send to the US. For more information about this type of Canadian Japanese yen postal money order please click here
Please fill the information below in your IMPO and we recommend registered mail for the safety.

Name(Pay to): Ichiro Wada
Address: Asia-shoji Bldg.301 1841-1 Nishi 1 chome Wakamatsu cho
Tondabayashi city Osaka 584-0025 JAPAN

EuroGiro Japanese yen transfer

This is for most European countries. We have a postal giro account and money can be tranferred in Japanese yen. According to Japanese post office information, you will be able to apply opening your giro account at your post office generally.
The transferring fee is reasonable. Please e-mail us if you are taking thi s method.

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