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At this site, all you do is to click `Buy' button when you find the item you would like to buy and proceed to `Check out'.
You can select the shipping cost and see the grand total. By selecting other shipping methods here, you can compare and decide which method is most preferable for you.

*Your shopping does not complete unless you click `Submit', so please be assured. You can change your orders or shipping methods before clicking `Submit'.

Proceed to click `Order now', if you are ready to end the shopping now. You will see all your shopping information. By clicking `Submit' , the order is completed. Please wait for the invoice mail with the payment information.

Proceed to `Continue shopping', if you would like to go back to the formar site to continue shopping.

Proceed to `Order to combine with other items', if you would like to HOLD the items in your cart and ADD OTHER ITEMS later to make the COMBINED SHIPPING.

*The combined package usually makes the reduction of the shipping cost, so you can hold the items for this purpose. We can basically hold your items for two weeks from the day you ordered.
*We are afraid we cannot accept cancel after you order(to hold for the later shipping).

After you click `Submit', please wait for the invoice mail for the payemnt procedure.

Please use password

Your password can make your shopping procedure very easy and save your time!!

The pass word can ---

'Check your holding items' button

If you hold items to combine shipping or win items of our e-bay auctions, please click 'Check your holding items'.( It is at the right corner of the top page ) If you enter your password, which you entered or the one we sent by e-mail, you can check the items you hold or won on e-bay auction whenever you like.You can come back and see what is in your cart and check the combined shipping cost and the grand total ANYTIME!
*Regarding the record of winning items of e-bay auctions, it takes a half day or a day to show the grand total.

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