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Thank you very much for visiting our on-line shops. We are running three sites

*Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA
*Antiques ICHIROYA
*Tour J Artisan

We are specialized in introducing and selling Japanese textiles, antiques and handicraft items on the internet.
We are Japanese, and love craftmenship of Japanese artisans. We hope to convey their charms to all over the world, and wish to contribute to them.

We are very happy to have you and hope you find something you've been looking for. If you have any particular request, please let us know. we will make every effort to assist you.

Please visit: customer's voice in e-BAY( feedback to us)

These stores are made for you to meet your special items.
We keep adding new items with reasonable prices, and visiting new artisans and introducing them, so we hope you visit our shops frequently. If you are satisfied, we cannot be any happier.

Our staff, Hisami, Kayo, Mami, Michiko, Yuka and Ichiro

Hi. I'm Yuka. Thank you for reaching our page!
I'm a mother of two teen-age daughters. The other day, the older one who is playing the electric guitar in the band saw one of the kimono I have collected and said, "Wow! I want to wear this on the stage!" I was so surprised and glad to know that she likes what I like.
I'm thrilled to welcome you here at our shop. I hope you can find what you've been looking for here!

This is Ichiro's mother, Michiko who has been sewing kimono over 50 years. She knows about the textiles and design of kimono very well and can fix like a magic if needed. A lot of kimono became alive again by her, after the long sleep in the chest.
She is so shy to greet you in English, but she will be very happy to see you wearing kimono in your country.

"Hi, I am Kayo. I used to live in Cambridge in UK and worked in Disney World in US.
I write e-mails--your e-mails or phone calls are always welcome! Please feel free to contact me -- I love comedies and movies, so I love to make you smile!"

" Hi ! I am Yoko .
Sorry I am not a real Gisya, but I look like perfect Geisha, don't you think so?
I took kimono dressing lessons and have a license. "

Hi. I'm Ichiro, but I'm not a baseball player!
I had worked for Daimaru department store, one of the biggest department store in Japan, for 19 years. I was working for the Japanese handcraft dept, and was a manager of the promotion division.
I've started my own business---introducing the old beauty of Asia.
I hope we can give you a big surprise and satisfaction here at our online shop.

address : Asia-shoji Bldg.301
1841-1 Nishi 1 chome, Wakamatsu cho
Tondabayashi city, Osaka, 584-0025 Japan
tel : 81-721-23-5446
Fax : 81-721-23-5446
email :

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