The foresite of Kurume.

Thank you very much for introduce us the Kurume and Kurume Kasuri, Oka Jyoumu san!

Coat and dress which are made with Kurume by Kasuri. Kyuei Trading Co., Ltd..

This coat is made with Kurume Kasuri, which pattern is cute 'karako'(child figure in China).

Mr. Torao Moriyama, and his son. Most famous dyer in Kurume Kasuri. He is 'important intangible cultural heritage'. I am in the right side of him and fell tension.

Mr. Moriyama's factory.

Mr. Moriyama's factory - out of the Ai game.

Mr. Moriyama's Aigame, which are filled with Japanese natural indigo'Ai'

Ai is fermenting in Aigame.

Mr. Moriyama beat the yarn here.

Mr. Moriyama is checking the dyed yarn.

Mrs. Moriyama is preparing the yarn to weve.

Arasou - yarn are tied with arasou

Warp is marked on the cross-section paper and tied.

Warp is marked here.

Daughter of Mr. Moriyama is weaving with 'nage-hibata'.

Nomura Weaving Inc., who makes both machine weaving kasuri and hand woven kasuri.

Machines look old-fashioned, and are not computer-controlled. In the factory, Japanese craftman ship spirit is filled.