'Kimono Dressing With Yuka DVD'

Our DVD is a guide to KIMONO dressing. It includes segments on how to dress in both yukata and kimono as well as detailed instructions on how to tie several kinds of obi by yourself or with a friend. We feel confident that after watching this DVD you will learn the basics of dressing, some advanced obi tying, and you will look fabulous in kimono!

Inspired by many requests from our customers about styles and methods of kimono dressing, and after studying ourselves with dressing or kitsuke sensei, we created this DVD with you in mind. Our heartfelt goal in making this DVD was to help you enjoy wearing kimono and tying obi and we hope  that we have succeeded!  Please let us know about  your experience after learning from this DVD.

We filmed the DVD in our home, and in some of our favorite gardens and Kyoto's scenic spots! Yuka and our daughters Shoko and Mugi appear in the video, and Ichiro has a cameo role, too! All of us wear kimono or yukata. Our kitsuke sensei (kimono dressing teachers) Okado sensei and Tomi sensei also appear  (even our dog barked, but in the end we removed his voice!).

Overview of the DVD:

Part one (approx. 20 minutes)

how to wear a yukata  and tie a Bunko knot obi

how to tie a Kai no kuchi knot (for men's yukata kaku-obi)

*You can see the sample movie here (youtube)

Part two (approx. 40 minutes)

how to wear a homongi kimono and tie a Nijudaiko knot obi

how to tie a Fukurasuzume obi bow for Furisode (formal kimono)

Although you will need help to tie the Fukurasuzume obi knot, after following our DVD you will be able to dress and tie the other knots alone, without help.  Printed directions with illustrations are also included in the DVD for your reference. The narration is in English by a professional.

Accessories used for kimono dressing as shown in this DVD (such as ties, tabi socks, undergarments, etc.) are all available on our website.

*For a bulk order of more than ten DVDs, the price of the DVD will be discounted 30 percent.

There is no advertisement of ourselves (other than a very small credit on the back side of the box, but no website address), so even if you are selling kimono this DVD will not advertise Ichiroya but instead help your business!

Not only will the DVD show you how to wear kimono  the traditional way, it will be an excellent gift for anyone interested in Japanese culture. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy it.


Viewable on ALL computers (world wide). *1

Viewable on TV monitor only in NTSC area. *2

*1 Must have a DVD driver or any other device that is compatible with reading a DVD.

*2 NTSC is the analog television system in used in Canada, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States and some other countries, mostly in the Americas.

Please check with your television system.

Here is what customers who have already ordered the DVD have to say!:

*The dvd is brilliant. It's great you made that effort becuase it's very good and helpful. It has been released like from a proffesional film studio - fantastic job! (Euzebiusz san and Dorota san)

*I have watched the DVD and I think this is really well made and easy to understand. I learned some additional tricks as well. For example, before watching the DVD I did not know how to measure the tessaki end of an obi correctly. I think it is those small tricks that make kitsuke much easier. Also, it was nice to see all of you in the videos, it was like visiting you in Japan.(Anja san)

*I just finished viewing the Kimono DVD. It was excellent. I have purchased this type of dvd before and found them unclear. Your dvd was very clear and I felt comfortable putting on my kimono and obi.(Kathryn san)

*I just purchased the DVD on how to wear a Kimono. It is so well done and easy to follow that I would recommend it to anyone. I received as gifts all the kimono pieces while in Japan and now I can ware it and put it together correctly. Thank you for your ‚—onderful work putting it together.(Nola san)

*I've already watched the dvd: it's great! Instructions are very clear and precise and it's so well done! Even though I already have some kitsuke books I found this dvd really useful: so many tips as regards collar line, ohashori, etc... (Eleonora san)

*I have just finished watching the DVD, which arrived today. I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed it and I will certainly return to it many times. It was just as good as I had hoped it would be. Well worth waiting for. I loved everything about it. It was entertaining on all levels, and the stages of dressing were made very clear, not too fast, both in demonstration and voice-over. Mugi san did so well dressing herself and tying obi! (Andy san)

*Yuka san and Mugi san--you did an AWESOME video on Kimono dressing!!!!!!! You both made kimono style appear effortless! Great job, your video does an excellent job of clarifying the often confusing diagrams in kimono dressing book (some things you have to SEE being done, and cannot get just by reading it), which is one of the many aspects of your DVD that sets it apart from anything available to us. (Laura san)

* I have watched the entire yukata section. It was fun to watch and the instructions are very clear. Mugi san makes nice, slow, graceful motions, and looks very beautiful in her furisode. Yuka san looks lovely and dignified. I won't forget "leftover rice" when I wrap my yukata! (Janet san)

Price: 28USD

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Express (3-5 business days) to US $11.30

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Registered Air Mail (1-2 weeks) to US/Europe $9.60

Standard (2 weeks to around a month) to US/Europe $7.70

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