Obi is a sash belt for kimono. If you 'd like to try obi to tie your kimono, click here. Obi is not only for tieing but the unique designs and colors of Obi can be a spicy accent in any room of your home. As a table runner, hanging display or fabric covering, Obi adds dramatical and interesting accent to the scene. Usually Obi is exquisite silk fabric with intricate patterns by brocade or embroidery. Just a simply tied obi looks like a gorgeous bouquet on your table, and gives flowery atmosphere an table. All you have to do is just make gathers wherever you like and tie them with a cord. Or you can just leave it as it is and enjoy the drape.On the chest, coffee table, mantles and pianos, Obi will play a charming role. The cord used to tie obi is obijime, a cord to tie at the front of the obi to give the accent to kimono attire.Obijime are available in accessories corner. Click here to see the photos!