Men's Kimono

Haori is a light weight jacket worn over kimono. Men's kimono and haori are on the whole more subdued in color than women's. For men, haori is regarded as an essential kimono attire along with the hakama, the long pleated loose-fitting trousers. Black haori and hakama make the most formal ceremonial ensemble. Most of men's black haori are made of high quality fine silk called `habutae' and have the five family crest. In old pictures, men in black haori look very noble and dignified, and it is amazing but the old haori match with modern clothes perfectly. Especially for women, they can be worn as a blazer due to its color and length. Another reason why we recommend black haori highly is the refined pictures of the lining. A variety of unique pictures are woven, painted or printed on their linings. Sometimes we can't help wondering why such an elaborate work has to be done in the lining which does not show when it is worn. The motifs are limitless, from the Noh play mask to animals. You can even find the pictures with a militaristic tone. For this reason, men's haori can be excellent for wall hanging with the inside out. The picture here are taken inside out. You can see the whole haori by clicking more photo.

Size Problem ; Japanese men are shorter than Westerners, and especially vintage men's kimonos are too short to be worn for Westerners. If you are taller than 180cm(5 feet 11inch), it is difficult to find vintage kimono for you.

For the formal kimono wearing, we recommend our original Large Size Kimono Set!
We selected synthetic fabric, which is very similar to habutae silk, and sent fabrics to China to be sewn. If you make your size formal kimono with silk and sew in Japan, its cost will be nearly 5,000 USD. If you select our synthetic kimono set, it will cost only 320USD, and it can be washed easily. We also offer large size hakama, juban(undergarment) and zori.

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