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Item No#470223
ItemFurisode & Juban Set
Historyquite new
Conditionvery good
Technique( 1 )dye & embroidery
( 2 )weave & dye
sleeve to sleeve(1) 131cm
(2) 129cm
51 1/2"
50 3/4"
length(1) 159cm
(2) 124.5cm
62 1/2"
sleeve length(1) 105cm
(2) 104.5cm
41 1/2"
back width(1) 64cm
(2) 64cm
25 1/4"
25 1/4"
around the hip(1) 108cm
(2) 135cm
42 1/2"
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This is an elegant set of Furisode kimono and Juban(undergarment).
The most suitable height is approximately from 149cm(4'11") to 159cm(5'25'').

(1)Furisode Kimono
This is an elegant Furisode Kimono with design of branches of 'Ume'(Plum blossoms), 'Kiku'(chrysanthemum) and mandarin ducks, which is dyed and embroidered.
'Kinkoma'(golden outlining embroidery work) is partially added to the design and it gives an elegant impression.
Textile is exquisite silk and has soft and textured touch.

Basting stitches remains and it seems to be just after cleaning.

It has pinkish dyestuffs near the left shoulder, but it is not so noticeable.(A)
The lining has slight discoloration.
(C) is rusty stains from snap-button and it is not shown on the outside.
For the details, please refer to the photos and figure.

This is an elegant awase(lined) Juban for Furisode with flowers on 'shiba'(grass) and 'yukiwa'(snow crystal) pattern, which is woven.
It has colorful ombre dying on the pattern and it gives an elegant impression.
Textile is exquisite silk and has soft touch.
The collar is Hiro-eri(unfolded collar).
Han-eri(decorative collar for Juban) is attached.

Not on the photos, but it has prominent discoloration on the strings.

It has a stain on Han-eri(decorative collar for Juban), but it can be hidden if you fold it in half.(C)
It has slight wear on the collar.(A)
There are tiny stains on the sleeve and back bodice.(B)
The slight discoloration on the lining are not noticeable.(D)
For the details, please refer to the photos and figure.

If these minor flaws do not bother you, it could be still worn at formal occasions.
Please enjoy this elegant fashion.

If you are looking for a right juban for Kimono, please do not
refer to 'around hip' measurement as tailoring type of each juban varies.
Average back width of juban is approx 61cm(24in), and key to find the
right juban is sleeve to sleeve lengths.

Juban sleeve to sleeve length should be the same or slightly shorter length of kimono.
Juban sleeve length should be approx same or a little longer length so
the sleeve bottom settle in the kimono sleeves nicely. If the juban
sleeves are shorter, the bottom of the sleeves will come out from kimono

*Approx background color - HTML code (99D1D1)


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