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It looks for the color that looks like.
Item No#461171
ItemNagoya Obi
Historyquite new
Conditionvery good
Size width
  Nagoya Obi
(Tare part)
  Nagoya Obi
(Belt part)
30.5cm  12"
402.5cm  158 1/2"
12" (30.5cm)
x 42" (106.5cm)
6" (15cm)
x 116 1/2" (296cm)
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This is a Shioze Nagoya obi by Katsuhiko Sato, with a design of Buddhist statue in the infinity mark, which is dyed with rough touch.
It also has written Kanji characters on the sides.
Its dynamic design and using as much as space possible is his distinctive style.
There is a signature and a mark of Sato at lower part of the Otaiko pattern.
It has a lining inside, but it has soft touch.
Textile is Shioze silk, and it has soft and comfortable smooth touch which is the feature of Shioze silk.

The length is rather long, 402.5cm(13'20").

*The actual background color is dark beige.

Dyestuffs(A) on 'otaiko'(square bow) are tiny and not noticeable.
Tiny stains(C) on 'maegara' (front patterned part) of Kanto wrap (rotate obi counterclockwise) side are slight but Kansai wrap(rotate obi clockwise) side is in very good condition.
Stains and prominent discolorations on the lower 'otaiko'(square bow) are not seen when tied.
There are stains and fray(B) near tesaki(one end) but they are not seen when tied.
It also has folding lines.
Please check photos and figure.

Not shown on the sheet and in the photos, it has a same fray as (B), and it would come to the side when tied but it is not noticeable .
It has prominent discoloration on te.

If these minor flaws do not bother you, it could be still worn.

Please enjoy this unique fashion.

*Approx background color - HTML code (D9CEC3)


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