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It looks for the color that looks like.
Item No#459791
ItemBride's Furisode
Historyquite old
Conditionvery good
Lining( 1 )silk
( 2 )hitoe(not lined)
Technique( 1 )dye & embroidery
( 2 )weave
sleeve to sleeve(1) 130cm
(2) 128cm
51 1/4"
50 1/2"
length(1) 164.5cm
(2) 162cm
64 3/4"
63 3/4"
sleeve length(1) 112.5cm
(2) 111cm
44 1/4"
43 3/4"
back width(1) 60cm
(2) 58cm
23 3/4"
22 3/4"
around the hip(1) 109cm
(2) 103cm
40 1/2"
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This is a gorgeous set of Hon-furisode and kasane(extra kimono to be worn between juban and outermost kimono).
They were put together, but the size is not the same, so it is not sure if they were worn together.
The bottoms of them are slightly padded to trail along the floor.

It has large Chinese imaginary flower on arabesque pattern, which is dyed on the dynamic 'somewake'(dyed with separate colors) background.
Gold glazed outlines and elaborate embroidery work shine gorgeously.
The textile is exquisite silk and has light and slightly textured touch.
It has five dyed kamons(family crest) and a embroidered one on the nape.

*The actual background color is slightly reddish pale beige.

It has tiny gold glazing peeling spots overall (D K), and the ones on the arabesque pattern are bothering.
(L:the photo shows discoloration and patinas, but peeling spots can be confirmed.)
The stitches on the left sleeve seam on the outside and inside are coming loose.
(The ones on the right sleeve are not loosen.)
The lining has prominent discoloration and tiny patinas.(J)
The prominent smudges from the shoulder to sleeve tops are not so noticeable from a distance.
It has some other flaws such as wear, discoloration, stains and patinas, but they are slight and tiny.
For the details, please refer to the photos and the sheet.

Kasane(extra kimono to be worn between juban and outermost kimono) is ombre dyed chic pink, which is dyed.
Textile is exquisite silk and has light and slightly textured touch.

It has slight discoloration on its base, and relatively prominent along both sides and around them.
The many stains and patinas are not large, but slightly bothering with its pale colored background.
The prominent discoloration, patinas and chest stains on the lining are not reflecting to the outside. (G H I)
It has some other flaws such as wear (A) and smudges.
For the details, please refer to the photos and the sheet.

Though it has some flaws due to its age, we hope you enjoy its gorgeous design of the Showa era(1926- 1989)!

*Approx background color - HTML code (E8DED5)


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