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It looks for the color that looks like.
Item No#452378
ItemHoumongi & Juban Set
Historyquite new
Condition( 1 )very good
( 2 )very good
( 3 )excellent
Lining( 1 )silk
( 2 )hitoe(not lined)
( 3 )silk
Technique( 1 )dye
( 2 )weave & dye
( 3 )weave & dye
sleeve to sleeve(1) 132cm
(2) 128cm
(3) 60cm
50 1/2"
23 3/4"
length(1) 154cm
(2) 118cm
(3) 181cm
60 3/4"
46 1/2"
71 1/4"
back width(1) 60cm
(2) 62cm
(3) -cm
23 3/4"
24 1/2"
around the hip(1) 109cm
(2) 129cm
(3) -cm
50 3/4"
sleeve length(1) 49cm
(2) 48cm
(3) -cm
19 1/4"
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This is a set of glamorous Furisode Kimono, Juban(undergarment) and obiage by Hitokado Yoshino.
It fits to about 150cm(4'11") to 160cm(5'3") tall.

(1) Furisode Kimono
This is a glamorous Furisode Kimono with Tsujigahana pattern, which is dyed.
The cold color glamorous flowers pattern is elegant.
Textile is exquisite soft silk with woven silver threads and 'Hanabishi'(flower diamonds) pattern.
There are designer's signature and a seal on the right front panel.

There are tiny stains on the left front panel which are not that noticeable.(A)
All other imperfections are faint and not noticeable.
There are some other imperfections.
For the details, please refer to the photos and figure.

This is a sodemusou(only sleeves have lining) Juban(undergarment) for Furisode Kimono with 'Kiku'(chrysanthemum) and 'Kaede'(maple leaf) on clouds pattern, which is woven.
Textile is exquisite silk and has soft touch.
It has an attached polyester Han-eri(decorative collar for Juban).
It was hand-sewn. There are shoulder and hip lining inside.

The stains on the back bodice are relatively noticeable, but small ones.(F, G)
There are faint stains which are not that noticeable.(D, E)
(B) could be an uneven line of weaving which is not that noticeable.
There are signs of wear on the collar.
There are some other imperfections.
For the details, please refer to the photos and figure.

(3) Obiage
This is an elegant obiage with hazy mist pattern on gradation of pink and purple color background.

There are wrinkles due to wearing.
There is no other prominent flaw. It is in very good condition.

It is still in good condition to wear.
Please enjoy wearing the gorgeous design at your special events.

It's still wearable enough with very good condition.
Please enjoy its glamorous fashion!

*Hitokado Yoshino*
He is one of the Shibori (tie-dye) and Monisho (damask effect) designers
He expresses the distinctive view of mystery and fancy.
He chose to become a fabric-dyeing artist originally, however, he was fascinated with 'very rare Tsujigahana' one day.
From that day forward, he began seeking about that.
His high quality of Shibori technique and tasteful design are well known to the world.
He holds an established position as a Tsujigahana dyer equaling to Itchiku Kubota now.
He is devoted to creative activities to establish further in his place, supervising the young.

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