Notice of Store Closing


Thank you for your continued patronage of ICHIROYA. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to you for your longtime support of our company since we opened in 2001.

Our business environment has changed dramatically in recent years. Impact of self-restraint due to the Coronavirus is one of the reasons, but even without it, our company's business was starting to decline in the way we do business.

As a challenge to fundamentally change the nature of the company, we have been involved in the reprinting business at Kimonotte; however, we were unable to see growth potential to offset the decline in sales of recycled kimonos, which had been our mainstay.

After careful consideration of our age, the age of our core employees, and the potential for future revenue recovery, and after talking with our employees, we have come to the decision to end the business while we still have time and energy to close our business in a positive way.

Our website will be closed at the end of July, and orders on Kimonotte will be accepted until June 19, 2020.

We will continue to list new products on our website until our stock runs out, and at the same time, we will expand the range of discounts as a 'Store Closing Sale'.

It has been a pleasure to be involved in the wonderful Japanese cultural business of Kimono for nearly 20 years, and we feel very privileged for the opportunity to do business with special customers as you. It has been a really happy time for us.

As a business owner, we feel ashamed to give up my business at this time. However, please forgive our selfishness, as we have come to the conclusion with our employees whom we have had the pleasure of working nearly fifteen years of our life.

Thank you very much for supporting ICHIROYA for a very long time. We have less than two months until the store closes, but we are happy to help in any ways we can until then.

With a lot of kansha,

Ichiro & Yuka Wada, staff of Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYAYA