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June 2018 The Global Culture Nasu group came to Austria to performance a part of the HEIKE MONOGATARI. They were all ...
Posted by Beus at 30 Dec 2016.
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ICHIROYA Kimono Flea MarketICHIROYA Kimono Flea MarketICHIROYA Kimono Flea Market
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I've been enjoying Ichiroya fabric bolts and kimono for many years now. I believe I have purchased over 2,500 items. E...

Everything - the illusion ...

Musician from Spain. I enjoy learning about traditional japanese culture. Welcome and enjoy.

I am an Artist from Europe.I paint,draw,write,sew,and dance.I recently work in a cultural center of my area,where i will...

Linda desu, Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. I'm from Holland and I love kimono's and the culture from Japan very much. I hop...

Well it seems as though I couldn't show the image of my kimono due to the item that's sold out or unavailable. And beca...

One of the pleasures of life, looking at kimono.