Well it seems as though I couldn't show the image of my kimono due to the item that's sold out or unavailable. And because I bought one of those sold out or unavailable items! xD
But I really love how the kimono looked on me when I first tried it on. It really has the best colors that really suited me! :D
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Yukata for this year's festival
It's summer here and about three weeks it started
The obijime and accessaries
I'd like to thank ichiroya for the wonderful kimon
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Yukata for this year's festival   24 Jun 2010

Hand Sewn Women's Used Yukata

Item: Kimono
History: quite old
Condition: very good
Fabric: cotton
Technique: dyed
Price: $28.00

It's summer here and about three weeks it started raining.
I was thinking about buying a yukata for this year's festival at our local beach park. it don't start until 3 months and I was thinking about
how exciting this year can be. They have more entertainment and they have pretty much people wearing their yukatas. This kind of pattern has really nice and it really suits my taste. And hopefully I will try to order this kind. :)

The obijime and accessaries   24 Jun 2010

Beautiful Obijime For Sale

Item: Accessories
Technique: weave
Material: silk
Price: $10.00

I'd like to thank ichiroya for the wonderful kimono I just ordered last month. It's very lovely and the colors on it are gorgeous as well! :) When I first bought the kimono, the obi belt, the geta, tabi and more, I noticed that I am missing a few items. it's beacuse I have forgotten to purchase these from my list. My friends told me that I am missing a few items for my kimono and it's the ones that I forgot to purchase.
The kimono looked absolutely gorgeous on me but what I am missing is the makura pillow, obiage, and the obijime. I'm happy to look forward to get those items within the year :) I have an amazing inspiration to the japanese culture and I have shared my inspiration of my kimono to my exchange student from japan. We had our japanese exchange in college and he says that I look gorgeous in my kimono. I'm still practicing in speaking japanese though.
Domoarigatou ichiroya! :D