ICHIROYA's Blog is free blog for ICHIROYA's customers.
To make your blog here, you have to be ICHIROYA's customer. If you have bought at least once, you can create your blog with your email and password of our site.
Even if you are not our customer yet, you can use it if any customer introduce you to us.

Please use this blog freely for diary, presentations of your essay about kimono or Japanese culture.
The important feature of our blog is affiliate system of ICHIROYA. You can easily select your favorite items from our three web stores, and recommend to other visitors.
Many of our customers have rich knowledge about kimono, textile and Japanese antiques. They leave their favorite items still in our stocks only because they already have similar ones.
Our stocks are huge, and there may be too many items in some categories.
We think customers' item recommendation will be a great help for other visitors.

Your recommendation comments are always welcome!
Please join our blog, recommend your favorite items of ICHIROYA and GET 5% AFFILIATE FEE!

About Affiliate

You can select 10 items at a maximum from our three web stores ( ICHIROYA, Antique ICHIROYA & Tour J Artisan ).
Items must be selected from the past items, which were listed more than 10 days ago. They don't have 'New' marks at the list.
( We are very sorry you cannot recommend 'New' marked items.)
Affiliate is available during two weeks. Within 2 weeks or your listing in your blog, if buyers visit your referral pages and buy your items, you get affiliate fee.
Affiliate fee will be effective, when the buyer's payment is done. Affiliate fee is 5 % of the price of the items.
You will receive the effective fee amount at the end of the next month
You can select from three fee acceptance methods,
1) Accept to your PAYPAL account
2) Deposit for your future payment to ICHIROYA
3) Donate to 'Doctors Without Borders'
If the buyer visits multiple blogs, which recommended same items, last visited blog has the right to get affiliate fee.

Our affiliate system is designed to share customer's knowledge, idea and favorite taste. Recommended items can not be bought by recommenders themselves.
If there is such case, we are afraid the blog will be deleted without caution and your acceptance.

* Because of above reason, the recommended items can not be sent to the writer's address, cannot be paid by writer's paypal account or credit card ( or family member's credit card or paypal account).

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