Linda desu, Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

I'm from Holland and I love kimono's and the culture from Japan very much. I hope to share my various experiences, thoughts and kitsuke photo's on this blog with you. Please enjoy!

Dewa mata ne.
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Yukata birthday party
Last week I went to a yukata birthday party held i
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu, Linda desu
Hajimemashite. Linda desu, Yoroshiku onegaishi
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Yukata birthday party   12 Aug 2011

Dragonfly Pattern Narumi/Arimatsu Shibori Yukata

Item: Kimono
History: quite old
Condition: very good
Fabric: cotton
Technique: shibori
Price: $120.00

Last week I went to a yukata birthday party held in the Japanese museum Sieboldhuis. To make a long story short the parents of this lovely little lady asked me to help them find a yukata set for their daughter. And so I did. I found her a lovely one from ichiroya. It is are very beautiful.

It was kind of a quest to find the right size for Eden because she is very small. But the size of this one is just perfect and she will also be able to wear it when she is a bit older. Thank you very much for these lovely yukatas Ichiroya.

So here Eden and I are in our yukatas. I decided to get one for myself to. Because I am so tall, this one was perfect for me and very beautiful aswell. I dressed both of us for this event. It was a great day with sakura cake, an excursion and a manga workshop.

I wish I had such a lovely birthday party when I was 10 years old.

Thank you for reading!
Greetings Linda Kole