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Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.177   08 Jan 2007

Dear Customers & Friends

Hello from Japan! This is Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.177.
'Oshogatsu'( New Year's day) mood ends, and here in Japan, tomorrow is Coming
-of-Age Day. New adults will wear gorgeous furisode all over Japan.
Unfortunately winter storm is in the north of Japan, and yesterday, very
strong wind blew. Winter storm is predicted to make strong winds and heavy
snow in the middle and northern Japan. New adults ladies prepare furisode
for this special , but some ones may give up wearing them. We can only hope
miraculously favorable weather.
About our daughters, elder daughter Shoko wear furisode last year, and younger
daughter Mugi will wear next year. In the page below link, we uploaded our
families' kimono photos. Do you think whether my daughters are
beatiful or not?

At Oshogatsu holiday, we saw an interesting program. It seems to be the popular
program, which is broadcasted one a year. There may be an original program
in the other countries ( interesting show programs often are recycled versions
of other countries!). Various stars appeared on the show, and are estimated
their 'Genuine Degree'. Stars are blindfolded, and taste various kinds of
foods. Always two samples are offered - one is supreme one, and another
is FAKE or similar but cheap one.
For examples,
Native porgy vs. Imported cheap (but similar shape)fish
High-end Crab vs. Crab shape steamed fish paste (Kani-kamaboko)
Eel vs. Weatherfish
Million Yen wine vs. Thousand Yen wine

And this tasting are not only food and drinks, but also other kinds of goods.
High-end famous brand guitar vs. Cheap guitar
Short film directed by famous director vs. directed by an ordinary man

Stars who think they have refined taste must prove with correct answers.
They never be able to mistake natural crab and fish paste. Two stars make
a team, and they discuss the taste of items and have to agree about the
Every tests seem to be very easy, but most of the stars make mistake! Viewers
know the answer, and hearing their comments and arguments are very interesting.
Through this program, I came to know how difficult to tell the genuine one
between fake or cheaper one for ordinary people. Not only stars often make
mistakes, but also wrong answers are more than right answers. Probably, fakes
and lower quality ones are made(choice)to have strong feature of the genuine
ones have, and people must be liable to recognize only the strong feature and
think them genuine.

About our items, situations are very similar. Ordinarily people must not be able
to tell silk and high-end polyester with only touching. Usual people also can
not tell between silk and jinken(rayon), even though we can tell only seeing
from a distance sometimes. However, we got this ability suddenly after many

Recently we often go also antique items auctions(not kimono auction), and we
are learning more about 'FAKE'. Lots of fakes are mixed, and antique dealers
have to be more careful than kimono dealers.
At a recent auction, antique hina doll were offered. They are comparatively
nice one, and original wooden box were attached. Kanji characters were written
on the both sides of the lid, and characters in the inside read 'Kyouho(or
something - anyway there was a age of Edo period 1603-1867 ) '.
At a glance, the doll seemed to be from Meiji(18680-19192), but the character
indicated Edo, and I thought that doll might be older than I estimated.
Unerringly, that doll could be from Edo in spite of Meiji doll's features.
However, something was strange. At first, I noticed the characters inside
were little bit different from the characters which were also written in
the right side of the lids( they reads 'Hina doll'). Characters were obviously
written by different person. I was wondering, and at last, a dealer wispered
me, 'Look! Wood were carved where the age are written!' As she said, parts
where characters were written were carved shallowly, and on the carved part,
the characters were written. We can't know who did so, but someone must have
carved the original characters( they had to be written Meiji age) and wrote
Edo age there.
I wanted to buy the doll, and wanted to sell with informing the Meiji age,
but the price went up way higher than my estimate. Later I knew the winner
didn't have experience and information about antique dolls, and believed
and bid as Edo doll.
Anyway, there are many fakes, and lots of works and hidden fixing are done
in many antique items to sell at higher prices. Some dealers do everything
which can be imagined, and most antique items were passed from hands to hands
for a long time.
Especially many fakes are included in china and metal works. There are rough
imitation products recently made, and there also are very sophisticated
ones. Sometime there are delicate and very unique fakes, which best
professionals can not estimate - such pieces can be estimated when lots
of same kinds of products come to the market suddenly. Generally, items
with very strong feature of genuine items, with popular motifs to modern
people, with too good condition are often able to be fakes. Some fakes
are made of very old ones, and added some works as to be seen the
genuine ones. In addition, I heard that some art works were happened to
be made by disciples, and their mentor only wrote signature. So the fakes
have 'Degree of Genuine'.

Many antique dealers say that more 'Waru' attain more greatness in antique
business market. 'Waru' means stabled /evil / ill / wrongness. Their
words are profound, and from their experiences it may be true. However,
I do not fully agree to that opinion.

Thank you very much for reading to the ends. Text above is little bit
complicated, and was difficult to write for me. Sorry, if it is not easy
to understand. Today we will list some vintage obi, modern obi, kimono
design sheets, antique dolls and others. We are very happy if you could
find your favorite among them!

domo arigato gozaimasu always,

Ichiro & Yuka Wada
Kimono Flea Market "ICHIROYA"

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