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Thank you for your patronage!
We are very happy if we could share your idea, knowledge and taste of Japanese culuture here!
Thank you again!
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Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.176   25 Dec 2006

Dear Customers & Friends

Happy Holidays! This is Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.176.

Thank you very much for your patronage for this year again! We are very
happy to be able to continue and expand our business this year too. We
wish we had enough words to thank you.

We will close our office till 3rd January. I(Ichiro) will attend three
auctions during our winter holiday, and our family will visit the both
parents houses, take family photos in kimono and will stay home.

Next year, we have set several goals as below,

* Offer many older fabrics like Edo Period( 1603-1867).
* Try to offer more valuable woven fabrics like Echigo Johu, Miyako Johu
and so on. They are too expensive for wearing, so we might have to buy
damaged ones, and cut and sell by small fabrics.
* Offer more valuable antique items. Not only Hisami, but also Ichiro
will collect more antique items.
* I will study more about Japanese old culture and history, and will
make my descriptions more informative.
* ICHIROYA tieup store will open in January. Takeishi san learned our
business, and will open web shop with our system. He will sell Japanese
tea items based in Kushu district. He and his wife are very charming
person, and must enjoy you with unique items and warm service!
Our goal is making other couple of tieup stores near future, and make
our items range wider.
*A new email staff will join us from 9th January. We were considering
that we should hire another email staff for two months, and fortunately
before we did something, she called us, and said that she had known us
for long time, and wanted to work with us!
Yuka will be able to attend more kimono auctions, and also Ichiro will
be able to attend more antique auctions.
*I will start the study about web/program/hosting system again. Approx
a year ago, I began to learn them on my own, but after three months
later, I had to quit because I couldn't proceed every books more than
half of the full volume. However, this time, I found a private teacher
and agreed about contents, frequency and fee. The reason I quit before
was there had to be incomprehensible points in every books, and when
those points were piled, I had to throw the books. However, this time,
he will help me if I can not comprehend. I swear I will master PHP and Linax
this year!
*Little by little, my kendo(swordsman ship) technique and bodily powers
are becoming well. I have not worn kendo wear and protective gears yet,
but this year, I would like to be allowed to do so by teacher and will
come in matches. I didn't have the second blood test yet, but by
everyday 30 minutes jogging and kendo swings, my weight became 3kg less
after the first blood examination. I believe my cholesterol problem
have resolved now. ( I must continue jogging and kendo swing forever!)

We hope the whole world will be better, and you(and we) can challenge
your own goals and enjoy your lives.
Have a nice Christmas and New Year Days! Thank you again for your
patronage and help to us,

kokorokara kansha o komete(with many thanks from bottom of our hearts)

Ichiro & Yuka Wada

Kimono Flea Market "ICHIROYA"

address: Asia-shoji Bldg.301
1841-1 Nishi 1 chome
Wakamatsu cho
Tondabayashi city
Osaka 584-0025 JAPAN
TEL&FAX ****( international number ) - 81-721-23-5446