I am an Artist from Europe.I paint,draw,write,sew,and dance.I recently work in a cultural center of my area,where i will show to my culture the geiko's dance "Gion Kouta".
I really hope you enjoy my blog and my posts.
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27 Jun 2011
The First Post
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The First Post   27 Jun 2011

Ohayo mina-san,
This is my first post in my blog.
First,i should introduce myself,without revealing too much ;)
My real name is Bianca,but i'm mostly known by Kimino chiyo or Kimichisai.
i'm from Europe, zodiacal sign is horse and i have a shy personality,headstrong and idealistic.
I am an Artist in various ways: in paint in oil,i draw various styles like Manga and others,i do handcraft and i dance.
in the last years i've been training the dance "Gion Kouta" by myself since here i have no teachers and i don't have the oportunity to go to Japan right now,and i wish to present it to my culture very soon.

I wear kimono almost everyday even that might sound odd for many people;
i dress this way because i really love and i think everyone should be free to wear whatever they love too.
Of course the people on the streets look at me with strange faces because it's not common for them to see someone dressed in kimono; in fact i might be the only person on my country that really possesses kimono and dress it(that's only what i think based on what i know about the kimono situation in Portugal).

I am the leader of the forum Kimono PT (the first kimono community of Portugal),and the first portuguese site that teaches how to dress kimono correctly.In my blog i will talk mostly of my experiences with kimono(in and out of my country),ect.I hope you enjoy!

thank you for reading until the end!