Musician from Spain.

I enjoy learning about traditional japanese culture.

Welcome and enjoy.
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30 Dec 2016
Theater and traditional dance
30 Dec 2016
Bright winter fall
01 Nov 2016
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19 Jun 2014
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23 May 2014
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Theater and traditional dance
Men's Kimono
June 2018 The Global Culture Nasu group came to
Bright winter fall
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Theater and traditional dance   30 Dec 2016

Men's Kimono for Stage Costume

Item: Men's Kimono
History: quite old
Condition: very good
Fabric: synthetic
Technique: dye
Price: $18.00

June 2018

The Global Culture Nasu group came to Austria to performance a part of the HEIKE MONOGATARI. They were all women, and with impressive gestures and music, I was amazed. With grace and elegance, I could understand everything that it was happening.

I really like the japanese traditional dance and theater, specially one-character plays and it always surprises me how a character develops through dance and movements, connected permanently with music.

A staging that I will keep in my mind forever is the one of the Fuji Musume by Bandō Tamasaburō. That presence, those colours..


Clothes in dance and theater are something very special. I like a lot the kimonos that are divided, with different colours on each side. They are intriguing but beautiful. Here I show you one from Ichiroya, perfect example of this unique style.

(The image below is the performance of Utagawa Kunisada in 1826)



Bright winter fall   30 Dec 2016

SALE!Elegant Embroidered Kaede Pattern Komon Kimono

Item: Kimono
History: quite new
Condition: very good
Fabric: silk
Technique: embroidery
Price: $26.00

Dec 2017

Dear Ichiroya friends,

it's been a long time since I wore a kimono. The clothes nearest to japan culture that I wear is my iaidogi XD I really miss it and I would love to have more opportunities to wear kimono.

Always wondering what else I could buy from Ichiro-Ya, I can spend a lot of time just enjoying the wonderful pieces that they have on the web.

Since the hard winter is almost gone here, the few brown and dry leaves that was holding air in order to not fall, they have been carried along by the wind.

We can find some clothes with leaves, and not necesary with sad or dark colours. This bright kimono is an amazing piece, beautiful, fascinating. No doubt that is one of my last favourites.