Musician from Spain.

I enjoy learning about traditional japanese culture.

Welcome and enjoy.
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Bon Odori in Spain 2013   21 Aug 2013

Brand New Yukata Vivi

Item: Kimono
History: new
Condition: excellent
Fabric: cotton
Technique: dyed
Price: $68.00

Hello, my ichiroya friends,

Last Juli I went to the Bon Odori matsuri in Madrid. It had been ages since the last time I went.

And it was great again. Dance and dance with no rest. I am very happy when I dance with the rhythm of the taiko and the japanese flutes.

I couldn't wear my summer green yukata because I couldn't find it! (the next day I found it.. what a luck!!)

I show you today a beautiful yukata I have found on Ichiroya. I like to buy cheap, beautiful and simple kimonos and after a while without looking the Ichiroya web I have the sensation that the prices are a little more expensive, or that there are less cheap yukatas. Perhaps it is cold in Japan now and it isn't the summer clothes' season anymore for this year :D Anyway there are clothes amazing and very beautiful on Ichiroya!

This is a great white yukata with little flowers, very very elegant for day and night, specially for the summer nights.

This other is different, happier with butterflies:
Item #239689

I hope one day I will dance and dance without rest in the matsuris, but in Japan. I would do a only matsuri tour around all Japan!

Regards and hugs