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Jodi san's Page ( Art Deco Items from Taisho Era)

Peter san's Page ( Fukusa . He is a famous fukusa collector. He is writing article in Daruma Magazine)

Candace san's Page ( Haori Collection)

Susanna san's Page
( Kasuri, Katazome & Natural Ai) Include German comments!

Marilyn san's Page ( Folk Textile & Ai )

Carmen san's Page
( Maru Obi & Others)

Martha san's Page
( Musical Instruments Motif Items)

Gaia san's Page ( Favorite Feminine Items)

Carol san's Page (Favorite Uchikake, Furisode & Fabrics)

Gemma san's Page ( Favorite Fabric, Girl's Kimono & Obi)

Carree san's Page
(Vintage Kimono, Haori & Contemporary Uchikake )

Sarah san's Page
(Favorite Vintage Kimono, Obi & Uchikake )

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We started to sell kimono on the net 4 years ago. We have sold many kimono and kimono textiles, and at a time our stocks have grown up to huge size.
We sometimes feel why some very valuable items have been in our store without being sold. Our stocks are huge volume, so we feel some very charming items are buried in lots of items, and they seem not to be checked by customers. And we always feel that our English skills are not enough to convey their value and charms adequately.
Luckily we have many excellent customers all over the world, who love kimono and Japanese handicrafts and know very much about them.
We think if such customers would help us to recommend our items, it had to be very good both for us and other customers. If some customers(presenters) select some items, and add their recommending comments, other customers must be convenient to know the idea from different points of views.
And if we pay several percent of the sales to presenters when other customers buy their recommend items, presenters also may be delighted.
It is a kind of affiliate, but we do not think it is same as other affiliate system. We don't want make everyone presenters - our presenters must be our customers, who already bought kimono or antique items from us.
Please check presenter's unique adivices!