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Item No#406160
Item Uchikake
Conditionvery good
Technique( 1 )embroidery
( 2 )weave
( 3 )weave
( 4 )embroidery
sleeve to sleeve(1) 127.5cm
(2) -cm
(3) -cm
(4) -cm
50 1/4"
length(1) 177cm
(2) -cm
(3) -cm
(4) -cm
69 3/4"
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This is a set of vintage Uchikake, including 2 Kakeshita (furisode, which is worn under Uchikake) and a juban(undergarment).
Uchikake seems to be tailored before WWII.
Textile of them is exquisite silk and has very soft touch.

*The detailed size except Uchikake are indicated below the item description

(1) Uchikake
It has auspicious pattern such as crane, 'Kame'(tortoise) and 'Shou-chiku-bai'( pine tree, bamboo and ume blossom), which is elaborately embroidered to the details.
It will be a special collection though we seldom meet such a gorgeous embroidery wok nowadays.

Foe example, Koma embroidery is added with silk and foiled threads shell of 'minogame'(old turtle with seaweed growing on its back) , an auspicious symbol as shown on the 11th & 12th photos.
On the seaweed, different colored threads are elaborately embroidered along the wavy lines.

Delicate embroidery work are shown to the feather of crane, eyes and outlines of eyes.

It has some flaws by ages such as slight discoloration overall.
The stains of about 3cm(1.18in) on both chest are a little noticeable.(E)
(They seem to be traces of white circles dyed out for a kamon (family crest). )
It has some other flaws such as stains (H) ans similar ones in places.
For the details, please refer to the photos and the sheet.

Though not indicated, it has slight frays allover the embroidery work with slight foil peeling and dullness.

It has seasonal flowers on cloud pattern, which is woven.
The slight discoloration overall is not so noticeable.
Other flaws are tiny and slight, but a little bothering on the white patterned parts.
For the details, please refer to the photos and the sheet.

* sleeve to sleeve 130cm(4' 3.2") sleeve length 110cm(3' 7.3")
length 168cm (5' 6.1") around the hip 109cm(3' 7")
length under collar 82cm (2' 8.3")

(3) Kakeshita (vermilion)
It has same woven pattern as the white one.
The flaws on the outside are not so prominent, but it has large tears on 'Douura' (upper lining) as indicated with #.(C)
So it cannot be worn.
For the details, please refer to the photos and the sheet.

* sleeve to sleeve 129cm(4' 2.8") sleeve length 112.5cm (3' 8.3")
length 168cm (5' 6.1") around the hip 112cm(8' 8.1")
length under collar 82.5cm (2' 8.5")

It is solid without any pattern.
It has slight discoloration overall, and relatively prominent patinas allover the 'Douura' (upper lining).
So, it seems to be not suitable to wear.
The stains are slight like (B D), but bothering with its white background.
For the details, please refer to the photos and the sheet.

* sleeve to sleeve 126cm (4' 1.6") sleeve length 111cm (3' 7.7")
length 180cm(5' 10.8") around the hip 107cm (3' 6.1")
length under collar 94cm(3' 1")

They have some flaws and aged feeling, and some cannot be worn.
Please enjoy this delicate embroidered design.

*Approx background color - off white

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