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It looks for the color that looks like.
Item No#307466
Price$500.00 $420.00
Historyquite new
Condition( 1 )excellent
( 2 )very good
( 3 )very good
Lining( 1 )silk
( 2 )silk
( 3 )hitoe(not lined)
Technique( 1 )embroidery
( 2 )embroidery & weave
( 3 )dye
sleeve to sleeve (1) 126cm
(2) 31cm
(3) 124cm
49 3/4"
12 1/4"
48 3/4"
length (1) 154cm
(2) 440cm
(3) 121cm
60 3/4"
173 1/4"
47 3/4"
back width (1) 57cm
(2) 57cm
(3) 60cm
22 1/2"
22 1/2"
23 3/4"
around hip (1) 102cm
(2) 102cm
(3) 105cm
40 1/4"
40 1/4"
41 1/2"
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This is a fabulous set of Houmongi, Fukuro Obi, and Juban(undergarment) set by Taizo Kai, one of the famous Raden craftsman.
It fits 4'8"n (144cm) to 5'0" (154cm) in height.

This is a gorgeous Houmongi Kimono with a design of royal cart, 'matsu'(pine tree), 'ume'(Japanese plum) and 'kiku'(chrysanthemum) on fans, which is embroidered.
'Raden'(design in mother-of-pearl inlay) foils can be seen on main parts.
Textile is exquisite silk and has soft and comfortable touch.
There are stamp and name of the dyer on right front panel.
It has an embroidery kamon.

Basting stitches remain and it seems to be just after cleaning or unworn one.

There is not prominent flaw.

This is a Fukuro obi with designs of fan and 'shou-chiku-bai' (auspicious three motifs - pine tree, bamboo and ume blossom), which are embroidered.
Raden can be seen on main parts of Otaiko and one side of Maegara( front patterned part). (When you start wrapping the obi from your right tummy to left(Rotate obi counterclockwise), the side will show.)
Foil threads and Raden look more gorgeous on the chic background.
Textile is exquisite silk and has soft and smooth touch.
There are name and stamp of the dyer near Tare end.

There is not folding lines and it seems to be untied one.
There is not prominent flaw, but it has a crease on one side of Maegara (Raden side). (Please check just above the stamp photo.)

This is a dainty light blue ombre dyed Hitoe(not lined) Juban.
'Yukiwa'(snow crystal) and 'shiba'(lawn grass) patterns are woven on the background.
Textile is exquisite silk and has soft touch.
Jinken (rayon) Haneri is added. (Left collar side has a glittering design of grape, which is dyed with gold glazes and Raden.
It is machine-sewn.
There is no shoulder pad, but large 'Ishikiate'(square piece of reinforcement cloth) is added.

It has a rather slight stain on right front panel, although it is not bothering for wearing.
Please check detail photos.

It has a couple of flaws, but they are not disturbing for wearing.
Please enjoy this gorgeous and elegant design perfect for celebratory occasions!

*Approx background color - HTML code (8BBDAE)


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