Enjoy wearing kimono freely!

Satoko san. We wish we could hear your song too! Domo arigato gozamasu for wearng the kimono on your stage.
We are so honored and happy!

Bethany san, you did great joy with kimono dressing. Thank you very much for wearing the kimono and obi so nicely!

Les san--the photo looks as if it came from one scene from a great
film.Thank you very much for the perfect photo.

Jessica san in her lovely sha summer silk kimono. You look so pretty in this kimono. domo arigato gozaimasu for the photo!

Daniel san sent us the photos of Bon Odori held in Madrid in July.
Everyone looks so nice in Yukata. Domo Arigato gozaimasu Daniel san.

You wore kimono very nicely--the parasol, kimono and the lovely scenery with the bridge makes a wonderful scene. Thank you very much, Bonita san.

Heather san and Robert san in Kimono-- Thank you very much for the lovely photo from Jamaica. Both of you look very nice in kimono!

Ilona san did great job on obi tieing too. The bright and cheerful kimono looks good on you!

Michaela san is wearing her furisode -- in such an elegant way.
The genteel pink looks very good on her.

Romy san sent us her photo in kimono and also the photos with her friend .
She is an art director of a very unique company: http://www.kunicon.com/
domo arigato gozaimasu Romy san for the charming photos.

Each haori looks very good on you, Mary Rose san.
Thank you very much, Katherine san for giving many haori a wonderful new

Fredda san and Andres san in Bogota--we are amazed to see the beautiful match of your Healingstar necklace and the black haori .
domo arigato Fredda san.

Chiyoko san in her kimono--how nice and elegant --we love your smile and thank you for sharing the photo with us.

Naomi san's photo was taken by her frined Adrienne san.
How beautiful Naomisan is in the serene and pure Canadian winter.

Midori chan(we put chan to babies and children)was born in Aug last year and the photos are 5 weeks and 10 weeks--look how she grows fast!
(she is really like an angel!)

Noriko san's daughter in her kimono on her dance presentaion day.
Her dance must have been so pretty and flowerlike !

We are very happy to add the photos of Stephanie san and her
friends(Holly san and Lyssa san)
Thank you very much for loving kimono so much and having a great show may times!

Tricia san and Chris san, attending their friend's wedding in formal kimono style. Both of you look gorgeous and kakkoiidesu(very cool)

Natasha san in her beautiful furisode chosen by her mother Roberta san.
The gorgeous bow--which nees a lot of technique to tie--is also done by her mother!

Ai san wore vintage Furisode for her wedding day.
Thank you very much and we wish you a great time in Ireland!

James san(Emma san's new husband)in his perfect kimono attire. The photo seems like a scene from a movie!

The shore scene kurotomesode and matching obi in the ofe office of Val san. She is wearing a beautiful outfit made by tsukesage kimono.

Val san and Lou san in their`DAIKU'(carpenters) happi --they are working very hard to make a fantastic chiken house.

Akemi, Michi and Sachi wore their kimono from Ichiroya during the Honokaa Hongwanji Centennial celebration on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Very kawaii ojousan!
(The two very cute gilrs in kimono)

Chilli san in his formal kimono style.

We are so happy to add the photos of Federica san and her petdog Daigoro. Daigoro looks like a faithful servant of Princess Federica!

Allie san's unique wedding kimono attire enchanted everyone at the wedding. You look like a beautiful sakuara flower!

Naomisan is wearing a genteel komon order-made kimono for her wedding day. Omedeto gozaimasu, Naomisan and Danny san!

Joshua Paul McVety kun in his happi coat.
We will be looking forward to meeting you in Japan!

You may think this photo is an elegant beautiful antique Japanese doll--
you can see her deep love for kimono--she is from the Netherlands.

@Moke san in lovely red kimono--ushirono ohanayori kirei desu!(you look more beautiful than the flowers behind you!)

Thank you very much Jules san for wearing the kimono.
The kimono looks great on you!

We are very happy to show you the kimono coat made from kurotomesode
kimono. Can you see the magic with the sleeves? Thank you Marianne san for the great idea!

Sarah san and Charlotte san--both of you look so charming and pretty in kimono. We can know your love toward kimono by these beautiful photos,
domo arigatou!.

Elaine san in her first kimono for her tea ceremony.
Is it really a first time wearing a kimono? It looks great on you!

The beautiful Kitsune(fox) san from Salem.We have never seen such a charming Kitsune before!
domo arigatou gozaimasu for the photo, Michele san.

What a cool Oni! We thought you are a Kabuki actor!
domo arigatou gozaimasu, Stephen san

Here is John san and his girl friend Candice san. She looks very`Kawaii'(cute) in her lavender kimono and the obi bow was tied by John san!

This gracious furisode looks very good on Taryn san. She practiced how to wear the kimono and how to tie the obi with hermother.

Poh Kim san in her charming pink furisode.
We love your smile, thank you very much Poh Kim san and William san!

Kelly san in tasteful silver gray kimono. She is learning `chanoyu' and her posture is like one of a woman in Japanese paintings!

Anna chan in her pink kimono--she is like an angel wearing a kimono!
Totemo kawaii desu!(She is very cute!)

Charlotte san and Sarah san wearing yukata to Ginaza Festval.
It is their first time wearing a kimono in public--you are both
simmering ! Thank you for the wonderful photo.

Here is Lili san in ume(plum blossom) kimono. She is so `kawaii'(cute)
as the ume blossoms!

Carol san--fully dressed as a Geisha at the recent Anime Convention.

Cindy Yamashita san from Canada--is in her formal kurotomesode kimono for a very important banquet.

You are so good at dressing kimono in a traditional way!

The butterfly haori looks SO GOOD on Mary san!

Chiyoko san in graceful pink kimono-- she is going to attned her son's wedding in this kimono!

Cheney san looks fantastic with vintage irotomesode!

Charming Misaki san in Ichiroya's
Very lovely summer style!

Yoshiko san's perfect furisode style wedding in Indonesia. Omedeto gozaimasu(Congratulations!)

Look at the two lovely little ladies in kimono!
Thank you, Giselle and Chloe, you look terrific, totemo kawaii desu!

Mary san look beautiful in an elegant pink kimono, and she is very good at tieing an obi for herself!

Kiki san looks pretty in both butterfly kimono and
the light green kimono!

Misakisan looks beautiful in her favorite blue color furisode.

Melissa san in Furisode at Matsuri Festival in Phoenix.
The furisode looks very good on you!

On the happy day of Jyuusan-mairi - look at Kana san's charming smile!

Two beauties at their friend's wedding, Kate san & Sachikosan.

Trick or treat in Kimono...dozo kitekudasai(you are welcome), Katherine san! Anatawa totemo kawaii desu(you are very cute), Katherine san!

"Susie from Plum Blossom Kimono and her assistant, Bruce, display their kimono scarves and kimono"

Were you in Kurosawa's film, Mike san?

Thank you very much, Emily chan. You look like a `yosei'(fairy) wearing a kimono!

Futari no Bijyo
Marcia san & Era san at a formal dinner party.

Red and blue kimono look vey good on you, Susan san !

"Omedetou Gozaimasu to the beautiful couple !" Thank you very much, Ms. Maureen Irvine for sharing the picture of your special moment !

My name is Joan.
Our family is from the eastern US. I'm so glad I found your web site. This tomesode is such a beautiful work of art. I just love it. You certainly have a knack for picking magnificent pieces. Thank you!

Hi! Konnichi wa ! Watashi wa Marcia desu. yoroshiku onegaishimasu !

'The wonderful smile of the Brown family in Virginia on one of their happiest day. This picture makes us very happy too. The kimono are worn in perfect way.

The haori looks happy to be worn by a handsome man!

Our great friend, Susi-san.Thank you for your friendship.We love your kimono style!

Nice couple! She was our first customer. Many thanks!

Cool samurai with blue eyes!

Enjoy Kimono & Obi Display!

Thank you very much, Ryan san, for the beautful display of kurotomesode kimono and obi. They really look happy at your home.

Fukusa and haori look great and are matching perfectly in the bed room of Keith san. Thank you very much!

Kimono and obi are displayed so peacefully and gracefully-they look in perfect harmony and happy to be there. Thank you very much Val san.

Nunzio san, grazie and domo arigatou gozaimasu.
It is breathtaking to see ranru(boro)from Japan exhibited in the gallery in Milan in this way.

The waiting room of Val san--the black kimono and obi are making a quiet and soothing atmosphere.

The cookies looks so delicious and the haori is displayed on the wall beautifully. Domo arigatou gozaimasu, Kelly san

This is a dining room of Melissa san. How `kakkoii'(cool and chic).
Thank you very much for sharing the photo!

We love your room with such a tasteful and chic display. Your boys are very kawaii(cute)!

Please enjoy looking at this beautiful obi panel. domo arigatou gozaimasu Julia san for sharing the photos

A men's haori and obi are displayed beautifully by Miller sensei.
What a nice corner!

The kimono(karinui) looks very happy at Louise san's house. Domo arigatou gozaimasu
for giving the kimono a wonderful new home!

We are happy to add Audra san's beautiful `Kimono corner' of her house.
It is like an impressive museum corner!

All kimono look happy at Ellis san's home in Antwepen.

Obi makes a wonderful disply at the window. It also can be fantastic Christmas decorations! Thank you very much Janet san for the great idea.

The vintage furisode was given a wonderful home of Heidi san. The kimono looks Very happy! Heidi san and her pet parrot Mitzi.

We are happy to introduce Joan san's great technique of obi display. Can you see how the obi is folded? The royal cart looks so impressive by the three folds.

Thank you Alan san for showing the beautiful room with excellent harmony from South Africa.

The maiko obi displayed by our friend Mr Andy Zermanski
We always feel great pleasure to see his displays of kimono!! Thank you Mr. Andy ! You were the first customer of our business!

" This was my first 'ICHIROYA' obi. It is hanging in our stair way oppsite the red kimono. My husband made a piece of bamboo." Marcia

"The beautiful bamboo Uchikake is the focal point in our living room. It brightens our home and brings back fond memories of our travels to Japan.
Domo arigatou!" Janice

The blue kimono recently arrived at Mr Andy Zermanski's house, look very happy to meet with beautiful companies.

The perfect match of obi hnging with impressive furniture at Claude san's house in Belgium

Drapes and bows and hangings--obi can make a wonderful accent in any corner of a house. domo arigatou gozaimasu Marcia san

Elaine san's beautiful uchikake display from Pennsylvania!

Handicraft with Kimono

The reverse side of the kimono raincoat fabric was made into gracefulcoat by Val san.

This charming blue dress is made by Ritva san, who makes a lot of beautiful dress from kimono fabrics. Thank you for the photo, Ritva san.

We are very happy to intoroduce Andreasan's Manekineko collection.

Emma san in her beautiful handmade dress made of kimono chirimn silk.
We are all so impressed and happy the kimono fabric became such a beautiful dress!

We are so happy to add more photos of Janet san's newly made outfit--each outfit is so uqnique and graceful.

Kimi san and her daugher Erica san on her wedding day.
Kimisan's beautiful jacket and long skirt are made by kimono fabrics.

We are happy to take you to the most impressive fashion show--produced
by our friend Susanna san from Germany.
You will be surprised to see all the unique and charming clothing she
made and you can feel her deep love towards indigo dyed or woven textiles. Here we go!

We are very happy to add Mei Kiewsan's beautiful ordermade kimono photo collection. They are all made by kimono silk and please enjoy all the nice variety of outfits !

We are so happy to add these refined outfits made by Janet san. The clothesshe makes are always in style!

–We are so happy to add the beautiful work of Authentic Katazome by
Karen Miller san.

Lou san is wearing a handmade dress shirt made by Val san, who is also wearing a pretty outfit. They are both made by kimono fabrics.
Val san is `totemo kiyou'(has very clever hands) and we think Lousan's choice is great!

HereHere are some new pieces made by Janet san. The bag is made from vintage obi. The blouse and jacket are made from kimono fabric. Kimono fabricmakes beautiful western-style clothes!..

We are happy to introduce the magnificent embroidery work by Margaret san and Pat san.

Val san is wearing her handmade blouse made from Maruobi fabric -- Vogue Pattern #2363 is used. It is like a wonderful magic to see obi changed
into such a refined garments!

The goldfish and raindrop doll are both made from vintage kimono fabrics.
Domo arigatou gozaimasu, Stephaniesan

The charming hand craft made by Ms. Anna Stevenson from France!
You can see more of her work by this site.

The lovely summer dress made of summer sheer kimono silk--this is made byMisakisan. Notice the lovely leaves on the shoulders--they are embroidered!

Adorable Kimono doll ' Ichigo' Her costume is handmade by Ms. Takako Koyama from Hokkaido.

"Lovely kimono necklace " made by bead jewery artist Ms. Amy Bradley. She says she was inspired by her love of kimono. Please click here

Our best friend Ms Carolyn makes beautiful Jackets and women's wraps from kimono textiles & designs. Check her web site to see her more beautiful work.

Karinui(kimono fabric) became such a beautiful skirt by Janet san.

Sahron makes the very cute baby bibs in a kimono shape.
Please take a look at the cute bibs!

Janet san and her husband, ready to go to the opera.Her skirt received several compliments from strangers at the theater!
Kimono Flea Market Ichiroya