" Our room has a 'Blue and white' theme. I cut the Nagoya obi and tied one end into a bow.Then I attached it to the wide part of the obi."
" This was my first 'ICHIROYA' obi. It is hanging in our stair way oppsite the red kimono. My husband made a piece of bamboo."
" Blue obi with fan design embroidered with silver, over the top of my husband's amoire."
"This obi is in a fan shape on top of our Korean cupboard. It is part of our Christmas villave display."
"This obi is on the family room wall. I tied the bow and my husband made the obi-hangers for me.
We think it looks like a dragon this way. "
" Hi! Konnichi wa ! Watashi wa Marcia desu. yoroshiku onegaishimasu !
I bought this haori at a kimono bazaar in Yokohama. I wear it with black pants and a white silk shirt, as a formal dinner jacket. I wore it to a cocktail party in November and all the ladies at the party loved it ! It also looks nice with black and silver, sparkly, turtle neck under it."