Hi! I'm a musician from Spain.

My dream is to know the traditional japanese culture and to learn, to practice and to implement it (wearing kimono, playing its instruments..)

Welcome to my blog and enjoy it.
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01 Sep 2013
Namban lacquer in Madrid
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Namban lacquer in Madrid
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Namban lacquer in Madrid   01 Sep 2013

UNWORN Luxurious Embroidery Flower & Bird Pattern Fukuro Obi

Item: Obi
History: quite new
Condition: very good
Fabric: silk
Technique: embroidery
Price: $550.00

Hello Ichiroya friends!

The days go by and I always forget to write here. There are a lot of things about Japan around us.

I went to a wonderful exhibition with Namban lacquer. It's a japanese art that traveled to Spain with the form of beautiful and luxurious pieces. All these works are in Spain, most of them in monasteries and churches like part of the religious goods.

The care for the details is impressive and shows a hard and meticulous labour.

Principal colours are: silver, gold and black. I have found an incredible obi on Ichiroya web that really remembers the colours and the luxury of the Namban art. A gorgeous master piece, without a doubt. It would be amazing seeing someone wearing it.