Hi! I'm a musician from Spain.

I enjoy learning about traditional japanese culture

Welcome to my blog and enjoy it.
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Antique Kimono reprint Project   30 Mar 2012

Antique Kimono Reprint Houmogi BLACK

Item: Kimono
History: new
Condition: excellent
Fabric: synthetic
Price: $0.00

Hi, friends!

I'm really fascinated by the new project carried out by Ichiroya with Iuchi Shoten san. This is a great idea to recover ancient kimono designs to preserved it.

The first kimono of the project is really beautiful. I love it in yellow and in black, and it's cheap :D

This butterfly design is very nice and reminds me of a manga serie called xXxHolic (by CLAMP team). In this there is a lady who always wears kimono and also her signature is a butterfly.


I congratulate you a lot on this project.