Hi! I'm a musician from Spain.

My dream is to know the traditional japanese culture and to learn, to practice and to implement it (wearing kimono, playing its instruments..)

Welcome to my blog and enjoy it.
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Yukata for summer nights   12 Jul 2011

Price Down! 2010 SS Brand New Yukata & Obi Set

Item: Kimono
History: new
Condition: excellent
Fabric: cotton
Technique: dyed
Price: $98.00

Hi, friends :D

It's very hot today.. The sun falls down over our heads and we are melting like a piece of butter. But at night a gentle breeze moves our hair. Perhaps we are in a Bon celebration, or we are sitting on a bench looking at the moon, perhaps near the sea.. We no longer feel hot. Nor are we cold, because a thin and light dress cover our body.

Today i show you a pretty yukata. Yukata is the cloth for spring/summer and summer time. It is light and comfortable.

This yukata is perfect with its dark shade for these summer nights, but this color is not gloomy, because yukata has a lot of pretty and fair flowers.

With this yukata you have a pretty obi too (included in a set). Pink color and many flowers, it makes a happy and radiant ensemble.

Regards! ^^