Feb 13, 2018  Made in Japan ✿  ❀most adorable applique❀ 
Jan 14, 2018  Celebrating 20 years old? How about wearing  ♫Gorgeous Furisode♫  ?
Dec 20, 2017  Our office will be closed between 12/27 (Wed) and 1/3 (Wed), Japan time, for the New Year holidays. During our holidays, no new items will be listed, and we won't be able to reply to any emails or process shipments. Thank you so much for your understanding and consideration.
Dec 15, 2017  We made fabrics from authentic vintage design ☆ Flower ball and dove How about vintage design for interior display or craft making?
Dec 6, 2017  Happy Winter Discount❢  Luxury Cashmere Kimono Coat by Pierre Balmain
Nov 26, 2017  We are so happy to add special kimono and obi made from kimono fabrics from Berber san collection. She shared the fabrics which are full of art nouveau atmosphere! Please enjoy  the elegant fan and rose design  worn by Berber san❤
Nov 13, 2017  Handmade by Japanese young artist-cute obidome buckle including the zodiac sign of the new year☆ Check the new obidome brand Obidome-SUU-  
Oct 29, 2017  We close our office on Sunday, but today we have added only sale items! Sunday Chance!
Oct 24, 2017  Do you like Japanese Katazome? Here are beautiful pieces of katazome fabric, lined by Washi paper. You can frame and display! Which one do you like?
Oct 21, 2017  AKI, Autumn has come! How about enchanting kimono and obi with autumn motif? Perfect for display! Some has great discount too.
Oct 17, 2017  Happy Halloween! How about obi and obidome perfect for Halloween☆
Sep 22, 2017  We added very cute TSUMAMI HAIR ACCESSORIES for girls! Please check♡
Sep 1, 2017  Celebrating Shichi-Go-San for girls? Vintage design WASHABLE kimono,kimonotte girls'kimono
Sep 1, 2017  Due to technical failure of postal sorting machine at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, we are expecting some delivery delays. Please expect delays of some packages to the following countries. list of countries (updated 9.7.2017)
Aug 21, 2017  Obon holiday is over, and we listed new arrivals. We hope you enjoy checking our new arrivals!
Aug 3, 2017  Looking for hitoe (unlined) kimono? Enter the keyword hitoe to see charming hitoe kimono
Aug 2, 2017  Our office will be closed between August 11th and August 20th (JPT) for annual Obon summer holidays. During our holidays, no new items will be listed, and we won't be able to reply to any emails or process shipments. Thank you so much for your understanding and consideration.
Jul 24, 2017  We added new arrival obidome buckle
Jul 18, 2017  Handmade Scissors arrived by Fujiwarasan, these are his last work. NIGIRIBASAMI
Jul 13, 2017  The most recent ICHIROYA News Letters are here! Please enjoy various interesting Japanese stories by our staff!
Jul 11, 2017  How about easy-care washable kimono? Perfect for summer!
Jul 11, 2017  Charming Sekkashibori Design Yukata in 12 colors! Which one is your favorite?
Jul 2, 2017  Tieing obi is tricky? Try Heko -soft sash or unique half width obi
Jun 23, 2017  Our favorite! Shibori Yukata for summer☆
Jun 15, 2017  It is rainy season and AJISAI are beautiful-check kimono and obi:-) AJISAI KIMONO OBI
Jun 6, 2017  New arrival obidome -- Owl, moon and Von Voyage!Japanese brand PalnartPoc Obidome
Jun 2, 2017  We have new arrival from Kimonotte☆  Cute obiage and colllar are available♫ Contact us if you like these accessories!
May 30, 2017  Enchanting beadbags-the hottest item to go with kimono bead bags
May 22, 2017  Looking for unique design? Here they are unlined kimono and summer obi
May 12, 2017  Kawaii and playful design summer haneri collar and summer obiage sash Check them:-)
Apr 25, 2017  We added antique design reprint komon, yukata and summer kimono komon yukata summer kimono
Apr 14, 2017  Available now! kimonotte original summer obi & hanhaba obi
Apr 14, 2017  We added KAWAII obi kimonotte Original
Apr 9, 2017  We have KAWAII collar from Kimonotte, these are available at Ichiroya now kimonotte collar
Apr 7, 2017  ■More New arrival Cute Obidome buckles from PalnartPoc, Japan. Please check obidome & matching collar
Apr 4, 2017  Cute Obodome buckles from PalnartPoc, Japan. Please check obidome & kimonotte collar
Mar 29, 2017  To check your order status or to check out, please click `Order history`.
Mar 28, 2017  We added new function- you can find appropriate length and yuki- sleeve to sleeve size of kimono, furisode and haori at our search corner. Please try!
Mar 27, 2017  Antique Kimono Design Order Site Kimonotte is open. You can order a semi-custom made Kimono and accessories with designs from our vintage Kimono! kimonotte
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To let our customers know how to dress kimono formally, we made this DVD, "Japan Style: Kimono Dressing with Yuka" . The DVD shows how to wear yukata & kimono and tie several obi bows with easy steps.
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How do I wear kimono ,
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How do I clean kimono and obi?,
hat is the difference : men's kimono & women's kimono?,
Are there any books about kimono ?

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There are four kinds of Obis. "Maru Obi","Fukuro Obi",""Nagoya Obi" and "Hanahaba Obi". What are the differences?


Obi Display Hint

At one time, even the most magnificent obi in Japan had only one purpose: to tie a kimono. Today, however, people everywhere are discovering the almost unlimited decorative potential of the obi. With your own special obi, you can add the flair of your personality to just about anything in the home. They are elegant as table runners and wall hangings.

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It's been a long time since we began wearing western clothes in our daily lives. But kimono, the Japanese traditional clothes are not something what we want to leave behind. Ichiroya is opened to offer you the authentic and charming old kimono on the net. Most of the kimono we offer here are one-of -a-kind from Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and Kobe. Please take a look at the detailed pictures. We send the item directly from Japan to your place.

A lot of kimono have been kept carefully in the chest of each family for a long time. We take a gentle care of them and fix if needed and offer you with a reasonable price just as the price of the Japanese flea markets ! We offer kimono, haori(a short jacket), uchikake(a wedding coat) , furisode( flowing- sleeve fancy kimono) and cute children's kimono, too! We also offer a variety of obi(sash belt), haori ties and other accessories to go with kimono. We are constantly adding new items.

Some kimono are just art created by elaborate work of craftmanship. Some are handsewn by mothers to get enough warmth. Some have dynamic and stunning designs. Some have the design s so subtle. Some textiles are woven with the premium silk, and some are woven with left over silk thread. Some are worn by a bride in her wedding ceremony only once, but some are worn by ordinary hardworking mothers everyday. Some are heavily brocaded on exquisite silk, and some has been untied , redyed and sewn again for the second or third time use. Some have designs using symbols of prosperity, longevity or children's health and growth. Some even have militaristic tone handpaintings in the lining!

The charms of kimono are timeless, and we think they are borderless, too. There were many rules to wear kimono as a garment. But taking them into our life now, there is no rule. With your artistic flair, they become alive again, as a garment or an interior decor to brighten up the corner of your home.

Our job is to wake up old kimono and introduce their charms and send them to new homes. If you meet your special kimono in our shop, we will be very happy to wake her (or him)up and tell her to get ready for travel. They will be happy to fly to any place in the world to be used again! Please come to see our old kimono and find your special one.